Japanese Knotweed Claims

Japanese Knotweed Claims

At My Free Legal Advice, we understand the challenges posed by Japanese knotweed on properties. That's why we simplify the process by providing you with a team of specialist Japanese knotweed lawyers who have a proven track record of successfully representing clients affected by this invasive plant.

If you have Japanese knotweed on your property, you may be eligible for a claim to recoup the cost of treatment or the loss of your property's value. There are various types of claims related to Knotweed law, and our solicitors can guide you in finding the right path to seek the maximum compensation.

Whether you recently purchased a property and discovered Japanese knotweed or are concerned about its presence on neighbouring land, our Japanese knotweed solicitors are here to provide expert advice.

At My Free Legal Advice, we can direct you to expert Japanese knotweed solicitors who will work tirelessly to help you resolve these problems and protect your property interests. Our service is offered completely free of charge, ensuring you have access to unparalleled legal assistance. Contact us today for guidance on your Japanese knotweed concerns.


Negatives Of Knotweed On Your Property

  • Reduces chance of selling your property or mortgaging.
  • Knotweed has an invasive root system and rapid growth which can cause damage to concrete foundations, buildings, roads, paving, and retaining walls, making your property unsafe.
  • If the knotweed spreads from your property to a neighbour, the owner of the affected property may be entitled to seek damages from you.