Care Proceedings

Care Proceedings

At My Free Legal Advice, we provide guidance to the best legal advice free of charge to individuals who are involved in care proceedings. Care proceedings are court proceedings initiated by the children's services department of the Local Authority when there is a concern for the safety and well-being of a child. These proceedings can lead to the issuance of a Care Order or Supervision Order.

When Children's Services believe that a child is at risk of significant harm, they can apply to court for permission to take action to protect the child.

My Free Legal Advice is here to help parents involved in care proceedings. If you receive a "letter before proceedings" or "letter of issue," you may be eligible for non-means, non-merits tested legal aid. We can find the best child law solicitors for your specific case.

The timeline aims to conclude cases without delay, generally within 26 weeks. Interim care orders may be granted if the child needs to be temporarily removed from the care of the parents before the final hearing.

At My Free Legal Advice, we understand the complexity and sensitivity of care proceedings. Our dedicated team will provide the best solicitors to deliver support and transparency throughout the process.